Bravo™ reflux test system

Dr. med. Thomas Brunk Gastroenterology Berlin

What is the Bravo™ Reflux Test System used for?

The BRAVO capsule is an innovative, ambulatory, capsule-based pH test system that records esophageal pH data for up to 96 hours. It is an examination method that is used to diagnose reflux symptoms. In contrast to conventional systems for pH measurement, the BRAVO system is a catheter-free design that is better tolerated and preferred by patients. The extended 96-hour recording time provides four times the data of a 24-hour catheter test. The BRAVO system therefore increases the likelihood of detecting reflux events, determining their frequency and duration and being able to better assess patients’ symptoms. We offer this examination for privately insured and self-paying patients.

What preparation is required and how is the examination carried out?

If you are taking acid-blocking medication, you must stop taking it in good time before the examination. We will inform you about this in the consultation. You must be sober for the examination. The BRAVO capsule is inserted during a gastroscopy, which is performed under sedation. The capsule is anchored in the lower esophagus. The capsule is about the size of a vitamin tablet and usually causes no discomfort. Placement takes just a few minutes. The capsule measures the pH value for 96 hours and sends this to a small receiver device (size comparable to a wallet).

After the gastroscopy and a short period of monitoring, you can leave our practice ready to eat and drink normally. During the measurement period, you can record events such as food intake or pain episodes using the corresponding buttons on the receiver. This information helps to link your symptoms to reflux events. At the end of the measurement, you must return the recorder to us for evaluation. The capsule dissolves independently from the mucous membrane of the esophagus in 7 to 14 days and is excreted naturally. A repeat gastroscopy is therefore not necessary.

I would like to undergo a BRAVO capsule examination, what happens now?

If you have any questions about the examination or would like to make an appointment, please contact our practice. We will be happy to advise you and provide you with further details.